Oracle Of Balaam Beor

Numbers: 24

A warning gong

Was solemnly rung

In the days of Og;

Yet rings unheeded

Mid drills of time.


With eyes closed,

Yet he sees.


Shivers, Swoons...

With unveiled eye, he sees

A vision of the Almighty One

In latter days to come,

Of old, he deemed what would befall,

Whether of good or bad accord,

His was the power to curse

And establish kings on earth.

BalaamBeor, the oracle of men,

Hears the oracle of the Most High;

And prepares his reply.

Now he saw the foundation

Of the righteous kingdom;

What this army from Mizr would do…

‘Behold,’ thus says the Lord.

‘Behold – not soon, not soon!

A sceptre from Jacob shall arise

A star from Israel looms…

How mightily performs!’

The sons of Seth and Edom -

Israel shall destroy.

Crushed, shall be the skull of Moab

And Seir shall be his enemies’ spoil.

The oracle looked on Amalek,

Amalek was head of nations,

He gazed on his ruin,-

Pondered on his extinction. 

The Balaamwo fixed his stare

Upon the Keni in their midsts

Even as his message keened

Through the still, desert air:


Solid is your foundation!

Though on the rocks

You keep your nest,

Ka.yin will be a wilderness!

How long will Asshur remain

And Ka.yin be consumed?

This, the Elohim has ordained.

He controls the span of time.

Alas! Who shall survive

When ships of Kittim 

Shall arrive,

Afflict the shores of Eber,

Destroy Asshur and Eber together?

Eber shall perish forever!

Balaam arose,

Left the scene.

His mission ended,

The vision closed.

Elizabeth de Rudder



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