The Everlasting Kingdom

By Elizabeth de Rudder

John 1:1-5; Genesis 1:1; Job 38:7; Isaiah 48:12; Jude vs. 6-13
The Mighty Elohim,
Without end or beginning -
Spirit Supreme -.
In blazing light existing,
Voice of love issuing
Myriad angelic hosts
To share eternal bliss,
Beings of light designed
To serve.

Love was the link
To Elohim Supreme.
In a kingdom of pure Light
All shone –
Glorious and bright.

Job 38-41; Colossians 1:12-17
At sound of His voice
Live air burst through.
A whistle sharp
And live sparks ignite
A thunderous clap:
And matter grew.
Ether and matter unite.

With one accord,
Angels shouted their praise
For the mathematical genius
By which galaxies were raised.

The Elohim set ordinances
For every moving star;
Bonding magnets,
They brought forth planets.

The globe of the earth
Suspended in space,
Destined to be
A peculiar place.

Principals and powers
Were set in place
To care the new, astral-scape
Vibrating with tunes of praise
From the pipes of Lucifer,
Chief, angelic servitor.
Lordly he, that archangel,
Clothed in glowing gems,
Who stood by the Holy Presence,
Proud of his own intelligence.

And did Elohim watch serene
As Lucifer preened,
As pride and envy reared,
As disruptive sounds arose
Breaking the peace
Of the heavenly sphere?

Did Lucifer refuse to move
To govern an estate
Of soft winds and dew,
A planet of oceans blue,
So distant from the Throne
And the Hall of fiery stones?

Was he resolute to alienate,
Other angel spirits,
Dissatisfied with their estate?
Was there a call
To study the planets,
To learn all secrets?....
How to form life
From a single tone,
He yearned to make his own.

Did they manipulate
Elements of the life code,
Structures laid of old.
And reptilian they became
Like the monsters of earth
Where Death emerged;
And dark energy surged?

When came open rebellion
When was war made on Heaven?
When was the Adversary
Cast down to earth
With such a big bang
That the earth shook
And coughed up dust?

Shades malignant,
Seething with loathing
For the Everlasting King,
Defiant lords of deep, dark pits
Were locked in savage conflict
Against the Eternal Spirit;
Hostile to governance

Were blasted to the endless whirl,
An abyss of bottomless chaos,
Rulers of empty, wandering stars,-
Aliens, adrift in foaming depths.
As the aeons passed.

Genesis 1:1; Job 40:15; John 1; Isaiah 51:16
Many aeons passed
In the darkness cold,
Before the genesis
Of Elohim’s Plan

Pure power beamed
Over the unstirred deep
Where all was dead,
Stifled, in darkness dread
Waters covered the earth.

From once rejected earth,
Renewed and fertilized,
Humans were realised.
Male and female -
Vessels - carrying Life.

From earth’s dark cocoon,
Through trials and storms,
Flesh to light to be transformed
To plant the new heavens
As spirit-born sons.

Genesis 2:7; John 18:1; Mark 14:32; Matt: 26:36
In Eden’s scented garden,
Elohim Adonai
Breathed life into a creation
For which, He was willing to die.

In a second of recognition
Humans saw their reflection
In the Living Adonai.

Then in awe saw the woman
A marvellous sight –
A towering, lordly beast,
Sparkling in jewels bright.

Then spoke the dragon
With serpentine tongue.
He spoke of insurrection.
She and Adam succumbed.

In Gethsemane’s stony garden,
Elohim Adonai
Restored eternity to His creation
For which, He was willing to die.

Gen. 3:1; Rev.20:1
From dark realms
Of bondage
Comes a holograph,
Whispering to the woman,
Inciting envy and graft.

“And did he say
You will die
If you eat the fruit
Of knowledge,
Good and bad?”

Ha! Ha!
He tells a lie.
You can decide.
You are a god.
You cannot die.

Though flesh and bone
Wither away
You can exist anyway:
And be gods immortal.
Break the code of his bond!

Genesis 4 & 5; Deuteronomhy 33:2. Isaiah 66:15-16; Habbakuk 3:3-13; Joel 3: 14-16; Jude v.14; Book of Jasher
Cain, son of Adam
Walked through the invisible door
To the enemy of mankind.
Lucifer possessed his mind.
Cain built the city of Enoch.
The dragon was his guide.

Men were the tools
That alien angels used
To destroy the earth.
Many were the fools
In the dragon’s school.

In the cycle of the beguiled,
Science was their pride.
Leviathan was there,
Teasing their brains;
And humanity was defiled.

Men built machines,
Men built shrines.
Fallen angels inspired
The crossing of kinds:
Corrupted human kind.

Every thought was evil.
Possessed by devils,
They could not stop
The science released
That turned men into beasts.

And giants were formed
By unnatural means,
So mighty in prowess,
So lawless they were.

They claimed no paternity,
Had no consanguinity.
They reigned as gods
Over Adam’s kin.

Part human, part androids
They sent into space
To circle the heavens,
And map the skies.

They wanted objects
To help their disguise,
To bolster their claim
Of being self made.

All flesh was corrupted.
All plants were changed.
The earth was a cesspool
Of violence and sin.

Jude v.14-15; Rev 15; Rev. 19

Enoch the prophet,
Descendant of Seth

Wrote a prophecy
Of the promised Seed
Sent by the Supreme.

The Everlasting King
In glory would descend
At sound of a trumpet
To mark Satan’s end.
Angels would come
With resurrected saints,
In shining garments,
Pure, unstained.
Saviours would descend
With the Lord of Zion
To confront the lying dragon
And his evil platoon
That caused such grief
To the humans they loathed.
At the end of the reign
Of the rebellious hosts
The Kingdom of the Lord,
Shall be restored.

Part II

Genesis: 3:15; John 1; Acts 4: 10-11

A Lamb was slain

From the beginning
Of human life exiled,
A mirror of the promise
Of the incarnate Christ
Who would give His life
To continue the Plan
For the salvation of Man.
That Lamb has bruised
The dragon’s cruel head,
Made a mockery
Of his guile.
All knees shall bend
To Jesus, Our Saviour,
The Almighty King of Life.

Genesis 14: Acts 3:12-26; Acts 4:15
They came
With flutes and drums
They came
With pendants flapping.
They came
With songs and dance
Their god Adonis aloft.
Dead wood, on a bier.

There came
Priests in bonnets
Shod in blood-red shoes
To celebrate a hero -
Abram, to include
In the pantheon
Of the wanton,
Man-made gods.

The battle of the nine gods
Resolved, in one night.
Five corpses in the slime
Four left alive.

They came
In pilgrimage,
Kings of Sodom
And Zeboim
Kings of Zoar
And Gomorrah
To pay homage
To the man, Abram.
And the mighty man of God
Shook his head:
Honour and reward,
He declined,
Resolutely said:

Not one shoe strap,
Not one thread
Have I vowed
Before my God,
Possessor of all,
Owner of Life,

Not one morsel
From your plate
Nor drop sore palate
To placate,
Nothing from you,
Will I partake.

They went…
With coffers dragging
They went …
With shame and mocking
They knew
They had been beaten
They knew,,,
The Father of the Faithful
Had been chosen.

They knew:
An empire was rising
They knew:
Righteousness would be proclaimed;
Lawlessness would be declaimed.
And Truth would be restored.

They feared…:
The Father of the Faithful.
Abraham, was his name

Six thousand years
Man shall toil
In bondage
To reprobates
Spirits alien
To the Kingdom.
Then, shall come
The Millenium
Of Rest.
So taught
Zion apostolic.

Footnote: This is a poetic work based on the Holy Bible, and in no way is it meant to replace or be an addenda to the inspired writings of the prophets of the Most High. Poetry is an expression and a record of a personal perception set in rhythmic patterns. For instance William Langland in Piers Plowman set out some of the doctrines of the Bogomils which were Bible based and John Milton deplored the treatment of the Waldensians of Piedmont, Bible believing Christians, who were persecuted by the established religionists.


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