Chronology of Man

NOAH & NAAMAH; SHEM (2450-1850); HAM/KAM (2452-2282B.C.); JAPHET/YAO I (2454-2282 B.C.)
Overlordship of Kush, Seba & Raamah: India: Siva & Lord Rama; Mizr, Mizraiim/Mim. Enua/Europe: Yao
The Shoo Kings: Reign of Yao 2356 B.C. – 2254 B.C.
Arphaxad son of Shem and Ilah born 2350 B.C./1658 A.A. Died 1912 B.C.
Palermo stone: Ish.Ekiu/Ku.Ezi kings
Tollan Pyramid: Balaam Qu.Etze – Jaguar king
Book of Sothis: Mizraim in Zoan 2317 B.C.
Book of Genesis: Salah, son of Arphaxad was born 2315 and died 1879.
Eusebius: First five (women) rulers are recorded on the king list of Dynasty 16 Thebes. They ruled for 90 years.
1ST Anat.Her.Heca.Kaswet (Hecate I/Amaterasu/Amaltiza/Maa/Enama/Hera I; 2nd User.Anat; 3rd Sem.Qen; 4th Zaket (Zac/Shakti/Hurshaga I; 5th Wasa (Sawa).
Book of Annius: Anom son of CasLuoth (SATURN Nem.bRoth – Nimrod I) in Babylon 2308 B.C.
Berossus: An King of Agade. An = Anom god list
Dynasty 10/01 of Thebes: Anom TiuTiu aka Tehuti I/Menes.
Book of Annius: Gomer in Italy, Telchines in Crete, Cyprus and Rhodes 2307 B.C. Jubal/Tubal & Celtiberians/Giber; Samothes ruled Dis Celts – 2305 B.C.; Oceanus & Thetis (Earth Mother) in Mizr/Egypt 2302 B.C.
Book of Genesis: Salah was son of Arphaxad. Born 2315 and died 1693 B.C.

Palermo stone: KhaYu kings
Book of Annius: Cur/Jugur/Chukwu in Kush/Ethiopia, Japetus in Atalaa/Taarora, Africa – 2299 B.C.; Gog alias Meskia.Gag.aSeir aka Hermes I ruled Arabia Felix and Sabaea. Triton in Libya; Samothes/Seth II ruled the Celts. Getulus/Djet in Getulia
King List of Italy: Jano/Yao Ti Tyrus aka Yao Ti/Jano II.
Book of Annius: Chemes.Enuus/Mesech, a teacher of sorcery and vice. City of Chemmis in Mizr/Egypt called after him.
De las Casas: Japhet was in Africa.
Book of Annius: Thuyscon aka Tuisto took Sarmatians north 2292 B.C. Moesa & sons of Ister settled from Mt. Adula to the sea.
Book of Genesis: Eber son of Salah. Born in 2285 B.C. lived until 1821 B.C.

Palermo stone: Tiu kings
King List of Thebes, Egypt: The AnomTehuti/Menes and the Inyotef/Tiuni giant kings in the West – Libya and Amenti
Book of Sothis: Kourodes in Zoan – 2282 B.C.
Ethiopian King List: Ko.Uti/Og.Uti/Coyote I in Kush 2282 B.C.
Book of Annius: Ganga settled the Ganges in India 2277 B.C.
Book of Annius: The Anamaeon Kingdom was founded 2272 B.C.; Nembroth sent Assyrius/Osiris/Asshur, Medus and Magog as heads of colonies to Asia & Moscus to Asia and Europe.
Lagos/Lagash King List: Ni Ngir.Su.Kiag aka AGNI I in Lagash as high priest – 2263 B.C. father of ENKI II and ENLIL
Peleg sonof Eber was born during strife in 2251 B.C. and died 2012 B.C.
Book of Annius: JUPITER BEL aka YU.PTAH I/TIU.PTAH aka AN.IB in Babel 2258 B.C. – 2196 B.C.
Al Masudi: Arab oral account of IBLIS as ruler of the 6th kingdom called “heaven”.
2233 B.C. Astronomical observatories built.
Ethiopian King List: SHEBA/SHIVA in Kush as Habassi.
Book of Annius: THOTH II/DION.HSU aka SHUN son of Anom and Ama.Tliza.


Frisian Ore Linda Bok: Atland catastrophe.
Reu son of Peleg was born 2221 and died 1982 B.C.
Ethiopian King List: SEBATIUS in Kush as SEBTAH 2201 B.C.
Book of Annius: Sebatius Saga was born In Lebanon as half brother of Jupiter Bel and uncle of Shar.Ganisha/An.Shargal/Nimrod III Sebatius was founder of a line of sagas, astronomer priests. He became Jano IV.


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