Geneology of Man

4008/ 0 ADAM & EVE   Genesis I and II: Jasher I
4004   Expulsion from Eden CAIN Agriculturalist/Architect
(3929) 1st eclipse     Jasher 1: use of iron ore. Death of Abel brother of Cain. Astronomy (the Watchers)
      ENOCH/ENKI I City Building: Africa : Nok Lebanon: Baalbek
3878 130 SETH - "Appointed" IRAD  
      MEHUJAEL India: Mohenjo Daro (Mehu.Encho.Dar)
3773 235 ENOS "Mortal" METHUSAEL Jasher 2 IDOL WORSHIP Cataclysm: Gihon tial wave destroys 1/3rd humanity
(3761)       Jewish Calendar starts
3683 325 CAINAN "Sorrow" LAMECH WAR SETHITES VS. CAINITES. Evidence of atomic warfare in Mohenjo Daro
(3643)   (ADAH & ZILLAH given to LAMECH son of CAIN) Cainan Emperor. Tablets of Destiny written - Jasher 2: birth control potions. Genesis 6: giants
3613 395 MAHALALEEL "The Blessed God"    
3548 460 JARED "Shall come down" JABAL son of Adah Father of cattle rearers: (Husbandry and Geneticist)
      JUBAL son of Adah Father of musicians. (Sound Technology)
3386 622 ENOCH - "Teaching" Prophet of the ELOHIM TUBALCAIN son of Zillah Metallurgist Instructor of metallurgy
(3327) 681     Jasher 3: Enoch son of Jared, ruler for 243 years. Air travel*
3321 687 METHUSELAH "His death shall bring"   Genetic manipulation of plants.
(3150)       Modern calculations: NASA estimate of a comet strike*
3134 874 LAMECH "lamentation" NAAMAH I, daughter of Zillah Jasher 2:25
(3114/3) 895   Darkness and Death of CAIN New Beginning according to Anomaeon/Olmec Calendar
3078 930   DEATH OF ADAM Genesis 5:5; Jasher 3
(3034)   Birth of Naamah II   Jasher 5:
3021 987     Death of Enoch, Prophet of the Elohim
2966 1042     Death of Seth
2954 1054 Lamech married his cousin Ashmua CLIMATE CHANGE - DROUGHT, GENETIC ENGINEERING OF ALL FLESH Jasher 4:4-6, 12, 18 Genesis 6
2952 1056 NOAH "Rest"    
2868 1140     Death of Enos, son of Seth
2773 1235     Death of Cainan
2718 1290     Death of Mahalaleel
2586 1422     Death of Jared
(2454) 1554 Noah married Naamah II   Jasher 5:
2472 1536 FINAL WARNING OF THE ELOHIM Jasher 5:7
2454 1554 Noah married Naamah II BIRTH OF JAPHET/YAO.TEPH  
2452 1556   BIRTH OF HAM  
2450 1558   BIRTH OF SHEM  
2364 1644     Death of Lamech
(2357)   Marriage of Noah's sons to Grand-daughters of Methuselah (3321-2352)   Jasher 5: Building of the Ark
    Shem - Ilah Japhet = Adah Ham = Nana


First of all, you will note that I use Real Time which is linear. There are other ways of counting time which were in accordance with particular theosophies. You can jump to the link Time Counts. The meaning of the names of Seth and his sons can be found on with sources.

Nok in Africa is the only place bearing the name of Enoch and is most likely Cain’s first stop as he returned from his world tour having headed East first.  Baalbek in Lebanon stands on massive platforms 82 feet long and 15 feet high raised 20 feet above ground according to Jonathan Grey in Dead Men’s Secrets.  Oral history reported it was built by Cain.

The sophistication of the pre-flood world and its scientific exploits have been erased by the theosophists, those wanting to push the evolutionary fable of man as being descended from apes having gone through 3 cycles of development.  When amazing discoveries of technological artefacts are unearthed, they are attributed to an alien origin even though the earliest exponents of the evolutionary scheme admit freely to receipt of knowledge from monads, i.e. demons, the “fallen” angels.  Some of these secret societies claim their origins in Enoch, son of Cain who took his instruction from mankind’s Adversary.

The first book of the Torah explains the source of their knowledge which modern scientists through study of DNA and the evidence of Design, forced to see the fable of Evolution, now attribute the genetic design to aliens from outer space.  Enoch was the first of the Enki mysteries.  See link Theology vs. Theosophy.

Re dating of comets, Frank Joseph’s Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds (ps. 154-155) citing results of a 1997 international symposium on natural catastrophes.

In the modern world, we speak of initiators of a particular study as being the “fathers” so that it is not inconceivable that Jabal not only studied husbandry but that in his long lifetime under Satanic, monad tutelage, his studies expanded to genetics and his brother Jubal expanded his study of music and its effects to sound technology which some analyse to have been one of the uses of the pyramids – sound vibrations for healing.  Tubal on the other hand, was a young man when comets reduced the world to darkness so he was not described as a father of metallurgy but a teacher. 

From our modern viewpoint we have only to look at the progress of Science and Technology to see when space probes would have begun after the discovery of iron ore, the building of cities, the experimentation with plants and then with humans, body enhancement, gigantism of the mighty men of old who called themselves sons of a god (Genesis 6:4); air travel; contraceptives and finally gene manipulation and combination of all species.  The pattern is the same and the end-game is the same – total destruction of all flesh by the reptilian spirits. Mathew 24:22.



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