Chronology of Man Part II


After the 2222-2221 catastrophe when An.IBel’s observation tower was demolished and the language of the Hamitic people was confused, the Semites came into power in Accad and Sumer.

According to Geoffrey Keating: NINUS “son of Jupiter Bel and Juno” was king of Assyria in the Adamic year of 1856 which corresponds to 2159 B.C.  However his count is spoilt by the introduction of Cainan in 2315 B.C. into the Semite patriarchal list.  Inasmuch as Ninus followed An.Ibel and the time of confusion, he might be better placed where The Book of Annius places him ca. 2189-2137 B.C.  Another man Mannus is called in Germany Ninus and according to Herman Hoeh in his Compendium of World History he was the Assyrian Ninus who began to rule in 2194 B.C.  Hoeh omitted the previous 200 years of black history which is recorded in the Armenian record as the The Book of Annius.

In Hislop’s history The Two Babylons Manus was also identified as OSIRIS which clearly pointed to his genealogy in ASSYRIUS known in the Torah as Asshur son of Shem. Assyrius had been sent by Anom, the black Nimrod, descendant of Kush and Mizraim to colonise Asia in 2272 B.C.  This was the year that the Anamaeon people separated and occupied the continent to the west of Africa.  They were the giants whose bones were unearthed in modern times.  Asshur appears in the historical record as King Asshur aka Sharru.Kin.  Sharrukin’s sons were Rimush and Manishtusu, possibly from different wives.  Asshur’s first wife Tashlulatum was not necessarily the mother of these two brothers who may be found in Egypt as the second Menes.  Instead her name is memorialised in AlluLimn/Rimmon and his son AlalGarmun/Ramman.

At this point the record becomes confused.  The Torah clearly indicated that Asshur left Accad and built Erech yet the King List of Uruk states that Enm.Erk.Al was the one who built that city so that it may have been a case of rebuilding.  EN.MERKAR/MERCURY/NERGAL rebuilt Eanna/Uruk.  There are many myths surrounding his life.  Inasmuch as he is associated with the underworld, he would then have taken on the Nimrod/Narmer mantle.

The Assyrian Mannus ruled in Germany and Assyria after his father when he had murdered his brother Rimush (Osiris II) and he became known as Ninus.  He claimed to be a son of Jupiter Bel and his wife Juno and it is reported that he destroyed the records of past kings which is the source of confusion in dating of records.  Under Ninus and his son Naram Sin/Ninias, truth became a jigsaw puzzle that historians have muddled over for years and theosophists have tried their best to incorporate the Torah into their puzzles because of its straightforward authenticity.  The King James linguistic experts clearly interpreted Genesis 10:11 to mean out of the land of Shinar (Sumer) went forth Asshur.  Modern translators instead substitute this statement to place Saturn Anom, the first Nimrod as the great hunter against the Elohim.

Serug son of Reu of the family of Shem was born 2189 B.C. or 1819 A.A. (year of Adamic man) and died 1959 B.C.  He has often been mistaken for Serach who began idol worship among the Semites.
URUK III Priest List: – Meski.Agga.SEIR/HERMES II/THOTH III/SERACH said to have ruled 320 years or according to Chaldean counts 320 units divided by 10 sars or 32 years real time before Enmerkar.  The other two high-priests were Lugal Banda and Dumuzi of Kwara, i.e. Gwala in Canaan, as called by the Phoenicians.
De las Casas:  2179 Jano & Vesta went to Italy 10 years after Ninus began to reign.  Samothes II, son of Mannus followed in 2159 B.C. to colonise Europe.
The Book of Jasher:  Seir was son of Hivi son of Hur son of Canaan. He and his sons went to the valley of Mt. Paran.  The sons of Seir and Mt. Paran became the source of millennia of Chaldean deception.
Ethiopian King List: 2162 B.C. Elek.Tron/KRONOS in Kush.  In some places ‘t’ and ‘k’ are interchangeable.
A Solar worship calendar was established in Kush by Thoth III and in Babylon by Evochous son of Bel in 2158 B.C.

Nahor son of Serug was born n 2159 B.C. OR 1849 Anno Adami..  He died 2011 B.C.

Keating:  SEMIRAMIS I/MARI ISIS, widow of NINUS I in 2137 B.C. became queen of Assyria.  She also  became queen of the goddesses replacing the olden goddesses, Amatliza/Maa and Rhea/Hera I as ISIS.  Mari Isis ruled for 42 years.  She had married the old king Ninus Iat 20 years of age and she married her son Naram Sin when she was in her thirties.
Espinosa  writes of a second tower of Babel in 2137 B.C. whereas  Varro places 2136 B.C. as the time of the Flood of Og.Yges who is most likely Hatep.Sekhe.Mwe in Egypt aka Aja Puta or PTAH I of Dynasty 2 of Abydos.  He also carried the title of Bochus as an avatar of Sebatius and may have been Evochus son of Bel.

Terah son of Nahor was born in 2130 B.C. or 1878 A.A.  In The Book of Jasher he is said to have been a general in the army of the then Nimrod.  The king of the Philistines of Gerar was born in 2115 B.C. and died at 193 years of age.  He was a contemporary of IB.RAHIM aka RANEB son of KAA in Abydos who called himself “Lord of the Universe”. Ibrahim made himself a sun-king and temple builder and is not to be confused with Abraham who worshipped the Almighty.
Ethiopian King List:: AMEN ruled Kush - 2101 B.C.  In later years Amen was worshipped in Egypt as AmenRa and in other places he took on the mantle of the former Ramman.


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